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Life Status for whatsapp:Today I am sharing With you the Best Whatsapp Status about life.There are million of whatsapp user who like to update status about life.From Our Site you can get best top and popular whatsapp status about life.We can also provide Unique whatsapp status.You can get Happy Life and sad life whatsapp status in Hindi Punjabi and English Language.You can other category like hindi status motivational status other love sad whatsapp status etc. So collection of whatsapp is given below.

Whatsapp Status About life:

Life whatsapp status define about the life so you can copy the Best Life whatsapp status from Given below and Update it on your site.

 !Life is boring _without you…

!! Real life is Very boring and problematic.,,That why I love the edited version of it…??

Try and fail in life but never fail to try in life…


Love the life Which you live, and live the life you love…??

To success in life, you need two things: Ignorance and Confidence.

Enjoy your own life without_ comparing it with that of others life….!!

Live with no excuses and love with no regrets are life…????

Yesterday is history,_Tomorrow is a mystery,_Today is a gift._so That why it’s called the present.

 A smile from you bring happiness to anyone, even if they are don’t like you…??

Remember for the past, Plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow will never come.!!!

In life we forget the things we should remember in life and remember the things we should forget in life.

Life always offers the second chance to you. it’s called tomorrow…???

Each new day is another chance to change your life.

!! Remember it a bad day, not a bad life…??

Kill tension before tensions will kill you, reach your Target before target will kicks you, live life ,before life leaves you.

In life Success always hugs you in private Place… but failure always slaps you in the public..!!!

Life is to short for enjoying So Enjoy it…!!

There is No Shortcut for Sucess in life…??

Life is short don’t waste it being sad., be happy, be free, be whatever you want to be in life..…

If you want to enjoy Life is long but if you want to achieve something think life is very short….

Without Doing Mistake in Life you Can’t learn Easily…



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So all these are the collection of whatsapp status in life. Whatsapp is the instant messaging apps. Which is used by the million of people to share messages sms quotes and pictures images etc. You can also get attitude life whatsapp status, Funny Cool and clever Whatsapp status for life. So you can download and copy the life whatsapp status and paste it on your whatsapp profile. So also share it with your friends I Hope your friends will like this life whatsapp status.

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